• Laser Cutting Factory Plywood

    Laser Cutting Factory Plywood

    Basically, Laser Plywood is a plywood product that has been specifically designed and crafted for use with consumer laser cutting machines. However, that short description is something you probably could have deduced yourself and it doesn’t exactly tell you the whole story.
    Laser Plywood is an extremely adaptable and craft-friendly type of Plywood that can be used in so many unique ways. You only need to look at the range of Laser Plywood applications we see at Plyco to get an idea. On one end of the spectrum, Laser Plywood is so much more than a piece of ply that can work harmoniously with a laser cutter; it’s a whole new world of Plywood.

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  • DIY laser plywood sheets

    DIY laser plywood sheets

    1.Quality: smooth surface, easy to cut, drill, laser engrave, draw, paint, stick and more.Manufactured using the latest methods in wood production, plywood panels is extremely strong and durable. The birch board is flat and smooth without warping, the edges hardly need to be sanded, they are neat and smooth, without jagged.

    2.DIY Craft Project: specialist plywood is very suitable for home carpenters and woodwork artisans make wooden crafts, such as Easter and Christmas ornaments, holiday decorations, wedding decorations, wood home decor, outdoor welcome signs, name puzzles and small jewelry box etc.

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